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Appealing a Long-Term Disability Claim Denial

Long Term Disability claims are often denied by the insurance company, requiring many claims to go through an appeal process. At Fields Disability, our Long Term Disability lawyers can review the details of your claim, identify the reasons it was denied, and we can help you build a successful appeal.

Contact our Long Term Disability denial attorneys as soon as you are denied benefits. Our attorneys are available to discuss your appeal and review your case.

Steps To Appeal A Long Term Disability Claim

When you appeal your Long Term Disability claim, it’s important to correct issues that caused your claim to be denied. Before filing an appeal, make sure you have followed these steps:

  • Get Additional Medical Tests
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), diagnostic tests, or blood tests may help prove your medical condition. If these tests were not included in your initial claim, they can help
  • Look For Missing Medical Records
    If important medical records were overlooked or missing when you filed your initial claim, you can include them with your appeal. It’s critical that the insurance company has the medical evidence to prove your condition.
  • Get Written Medical Opinions
    Your doctors know your medical records, whether you’re able to work, and the treatments you need better than anyone. A written opinion from each of your doctors can help prove your disability or injury qualifies for Long Term Disability benefits.

Remember, there are important deadlines for filing Long Term Disability appeals, and preparing a Long Term Disability appeal takes time. If you need help filing your Long Term Disability appeal, contact the attorneys at Fields Disability today at 1-888-919-4055.

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