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Why Was I Denied Long Term Disability Benefits?

Just because your private disability insurance benefits were denied, doesn’t necessarily mean your Long Term Disability claim isn’t valid. Disability benefits can be denied for several reasons that can be avoided. The Long Term Disability attorneys at Fields Disability can help you take the steps necessary to get the benefits you need.

If you’ve been denied your Long Term Disability benefits, it’s important to get the legal advice you need to ensure your Long Term Disability appeal is accepted. Our Long Term Disability lawyers know what it takes. We’re here to answer your questions and help you understand your legal options.

3 Reasons Long Term Disability Benefits Can Be Denied

  1. Inadequate Medical Support
    Medical records can help prove how severe your injury or disability is, as well as the impact on your ability to work. If your claim is missing important information, the insurance company may deny your claim due to a lack of evidence.
  2. Definition of Disability
    Each Long Term Disability insurance policy may have a unique disability definition. Some policies have guidelines which are much stricter than others, and certain medical conditions may even be excluded. It’s important to understand what your policy allows, and what criteria must be met in order to qualify.
  3. Social Media Investigation
    Insurance companies can also deny your claim if they find examples of behavior where you appear to be able to perform activities despite your illness or injury. A common source used by the insurance companies includes searching your social media accounts to show that your condition is not as limiting as you claim.

Insurance companies can and will look for reasons to deny claims, both to prevent fraud and to protect their bottom line. If you filed a claim and were denied, Fields Disability can review your policy definitions, review your rights, and help you get the Long Term Disability disability benefits you deserve. Call us today at 1-888-919-4055.

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