“A young man who worked as a document processor for a Detroit law firm was hit by a drunk driver. As a result of the accident, he suffered from a disc herniation in his neck, cervical facet syndrome, and a cervical spine sprain. He was in constant pain. He eventually was forced to undergo surgery to fuse his cervical spine at the C4-C5 disc. Due to his condition, he was unable to continue working. His insurer, Principal Life, initially approved him for short-term disability benefits. When he applied for long-term disability benefits, Principal alleged that he was capable of performing his job and denied his benefits.

Unsure of what to do and how to live without an income, he got in touch with Fields Disability. Our attorneys began compiling all of the necessary medical records and reached out to the client’s doctors to obtain narrative reports which detailed his impairments, treatment, and continuing symptoms. Our attorneys then prepared a compelling appeal to submit to the insurer. Upon review, Principal realized that they had made a mistake denying the client’s benefits and they were promptly reinstated. The client was overjoyed to find out that the insurer had reversed their denial and was able to rest easy knowing that he would have income to live off of.”