“A bank teller from New York was experiencing depression and posttraumatic stress disorder. She was increasingly anxious at work and her condition deteriorated to the point where work was impossible. She stopped working and entered in-patient treatment for her depression. She applied for long-term disability benefits based on a physician’s recommendation that she would not be able to work in her condition. The insurer denied the claim she submitted and her subsequent appeal.

Shocked that the insurance company twice disregarded the opinion of her treating physician, she called Fields Disability for help. Our attorneys reviewed our client’s extensive medical record and determined that the insurer had ignored key medical reports throughout the process, and never conducted a medical examination of their own. Fields Disability filed a law suit in federal court to pursue benefits for our client. During the preparations for trial, our attorneys were able to negotiate a generous settlement for our client which included back-pay of benefits and continuing long-term disability benefits. Our client is relieved that she can focus on her own health, and is happy with the settlement she received.”