“A 60-year-old woman who worked in school administration at a university in New Jersey developed severe and debilitating hip joint pain, making it impossible for her to do her job. While she spent most of her day at a desk in front of the computer, there were those occasions when she would have to carry books and files and binders and walk across campus. As time progressed, her hip pain made walking, and even sitting, excruciating. To make matters worse, her husband received a cancer diagnosis and was completely unable to work. The bills were mounting.

For months, she was determined to deal with the pain in the hopes that it would either disappear or at least decrease but, when it didn’t, she filed for disability. Her disability benefits were initially granted, but sometime thereafter, her benefits were suddenly and with little warning denied.

She attempted to resolve the disability payments on her own but, when it became clear the disability carrier would not reverse its position, she sought the assistance of Fields Disability. Our attorneys undertook the collection of medical records and supportive medical reports and filed a lawsuit. Through attempts at negotiations, our attorneys were able to settle the entire claim, on a lump sum basis, providing a significant sum of money to our client which enabled her to have sufficient funds to meet her financial needs.”