“An oil field worker from Oklahoma injured his back and could not sit or stand for any amount of time without pain, so work became impossible. He was approved for Social Security disability benefits, but was denied for long-term disability payments through his insurer at work because he apparently did not fit their definition of “disabled.”

Confused about the decision, and worried about his income, he called Fields Disability for help. Our team contacted all our client’s treating doctors for updated medical records. Our attorneys filed a preliminary appeal based on the records but unfortunately the insurance company did not change its mind. Our team then hired a vocational specialist to write a special report for our client, highlighting his inability to work.

After reviewing the report, the insurance company changed their mind and issued ongoing benefits and a lump-sum for back pay! After two years of fighting, our client finally restored his income. He was overjoyed with the result, and happy with the persistent advocacy from Fields Disability.”