“Our client was an Operations Supervisor from Wisconsin. He was diagnosed with multi-level degenerative disc space narrowing of his lumbar spine, Lyme’s disease, and Type II diabetes. Due to his conditions, he was unable to continue performing his job and taken off of work by his doctors. He was initially awarded short-term disability benefits by his insurer Cigna. However, after paying short-term benefits for only two months he received a letter in the mail from Cigna claiming his medical conditions were not severe enough to prevent him from performing his work duties.

Out of work on doctors’ orders and now being told he would not receive any further disability payments, he immediately reached out to Fields Disability to assist challenging this decision. Our attorneys worked with his doctors to secure narrative reports and medical records supporting his inability to work. Our team also assisted him in navigating the procedural maze of applying for Social Security Disability benefits.

Next, after reviewing all of the Cigna’s documentation, our attorneys identified several times where critical medical and vocational evidence was ignored, misstated, or selectively cited. We drafted our appeal challenging the denial of short-term disability benefits and successfully convinced Cigna to reverse its denial. Our client then received a favorable disability ruling from the Social Security Administration and our team is now pursuing his long-term disability benefits. Our client was extremely relieved receiving not only his significant back pay owed to him but also in knowing that he would now enjoy on-going monthly benefits.”