“A medical lab technician from Minnesota began experiencing leg pain associated with diabetes. Eventually, she began losing sensation in her legs. Sitting or standing for long periods became extremely painful and she was forced to stop working. Her insurer at work approved her for monthly long-term disability benefits. After a decade of receiving benefits, the insurance company stopped payment saying that she no longer fit their definition of “disabled.”

Shocked that her benefits had suddenly been cut off, she contacted Fields Disability for help. Our attorneys gathered all of the documents from the insurance company and our client’s doctors to compile strong evidence against the insurer. The insurance company based their denial on one doctor’s report which had multiple mistakes and typos. Our attorneys sent a strong appeal to the insurance company but the insurer did not reverse it’s decision and the Fields Disability attorneys filed a lawsuit to fight for our client. During preparations for trial, our attorneys negotiated a generous lump sum settlement. Our client was pleased with the settlement check and happy with the professional advocacy Fields Disability provided.”