“Our client was a 60 year old IT Technician for a small business. Acknowledging it’s rare to find someone at her age who knows very much about computers, she absolutely loved her job and intended to keep it until well into her 70s. Unfortunately, she suddenly started forgetting things, slurring words and struggling with counting which, unsurprisingly, made solving her company’s computer problems near impossible.

She was horrified at this sudden development and was concerned it was the beginning of dementia. For fear of losing her job, she attempted to keep it hidden from her employer as long as she could. Eventually, however, it became too difficult and she was forced to apply for disability. United Healthcare awarded benefits initially, but after a review of the records, sent her a denial letter stating her medical history did not show she was disabled from her job.

Terrified of having to find a new career at age 60 and earning significantly less money, she desperately attempted to persuade United Healthcare to reverse its position. When they would not do so, she contacted Fields Disability. Our attorneys reviewed the records and discovered United Healthcare had selectively cited medical chart notations to support its decision to deny disability benefits. Relying upon specific medical records that demonstrated a clear and undeniable decline in his client’s cognitive capability, our attorneys filed an appeal with United Healthcare, who reversed its decision, awarding long term disability benefits. ”