“A patient service representative in California became disabled after developing chronic nerve damage, bursitis, arthritis, and complications after a bladder mesh removal surgery. Thankfully, she was covered under an employer provided long-term disability plan.

She filed an application for long-term disability benefits on her own, but was denied by her insurer who claimed she did not meet the definition of “”disabled”” under the her policy. She tried to appeal the decision herself, but was again denied by the insurance company. Dispirited, she got the help of a local attorney to file a last ditch appeal of the decision, but was denied one last time.

Feeling like she was out of options, and worried about her future and financial security, she brought on the team of attorneys at Fields Disability. After consulting with our new client, our attorneys filed an application for social security disability benefits on her behalf. Then, we quickly filed a lawsuit against the insurer, refuting their justifications for denial. We argued that teh insurer had failed to have our client independently examined by a physician, and had improperly relied on medical opinions that were biased and unsubstantiated by evidence.

Through numerous court filings, Fields Disability fought for our client’s right to receive her long-term disability benefits. The insurance company soon had no choice but to come to a settlement. Check in hand, our client was overjoyed at the lump sum figure. She also soon learned that we also had won her approval for social security benefits! Relieved that such a tragic situation had been completely turned around, she was able to relax in financial security and enjoy the California sun. ”