“A woman who received long-term disability benefits for almost eight years received a letter from her insurer one day, which stated that she no longer met the insurer’s definition of disability. The insurance company had discontinued her benefits. The woman was confused because there had been no change in her condition. Furthermore, her conditions were chronic and not likely to change in the future. She turned to Fields Disability for help.

We worked with our client’s doctors to obtain updated medical information and drafted an appeal in which we argued that the insurer was wrong to discontinue her benefits. The appeal included written opinions from the woman’s doctor. Despite the overwhelming evidence that supported her entitlement to disability benefits, the insurer would not overturn their decision. Fields Disability moved forward with a lawsuit against the insurer.

The Fields Disability attorneys were able to negotiate a lump sum settlement shortly after filing suit. Our client is happy that she no longer has to deal with the insurance company and she does not need to live in fear of having the insurance company cut off her benefits ever again. “