“A metal shop supervisor had surgery for a severe neck injury. Her neck pain after surgery was severe and her range of motion became limited and she was forced to quit working. She was approved for long-term disability benefits through Unum. After receiving benefits, and being unable to work for 15 years, Unum told her that she would no longer receive benefits and that she could return to work.

Angry at the insurance company and worried about her lost income, she contacted Fields Disability for assistance. Our attorneys obtained Unum’s file and contacted our client’s treating physician. After reviewing the documents, Fields attorneys realized Unum missed a key report from our client’s doctor. Our attorneys filed a strong appeal, and Unum overturned their denial. Our client received a lump-sum check for back pay and has been awarded ongoing benefits. She is overjoyed to be done fighting the insurance company, and is happy to have her monthly income restored.”