“A Senior Vice President for a financial services company became unable to work as a result of his bipolar disorder. As he was initially placed in inpatient treatment, the insurance company did pay his benefits after he first applied. Due to his large monthly benefit amount, the insurance company attempted to terminate his benefits after having him meet with their own neuropsychological evaluator. The evaluator’s report did not directly contradict his treating doctors’ recommendations, but the insurance company discontinued benefits anyway. The Senior Vice President also suffers from severe back pain as a result of a motor vehicle accident, which contributes to his ongoing disability.

After the insurance company ignored his treating physicians’ opinions and terminated benefits, he contacted Fields Disability for help with an appeal. The attorneys at Fields Disability worked with all of his treating physicians to formulate an appeal with all of his medical records as well as narrative reports from each treating physician.

To help the insurance company better understand the disability, Fields Disability also engaged an independent expert for a more detailed explanation of bipolar disorder. The insurance company could no longer ignore the wealth of information in front of them as a result of the appeal submitted by Fields Disability, and they overturned their previous denial of benefits.”