“A woman was forced to end her career as a Black Jack dealer after a series of shoulder injuries resulted in frozen shoulder. She received benefits from her long-term disability insurer for more than three years before the insurance company sent her to a doctor to be evaluated. That doctor provided an opinion to the insurance company, which stated that the woman should be able to return to work. Thus, the insurance company stopped paying he benefits. She attempted to appeal the insurance company’s decision on her own, but the insurance company refused to reinstate her benefits.

The woman turned to Fields Disability for help. We had the opportunity to file a second appeal. We used that opportunity to build up the evidence in her file. We included updated medical records and disability opinions from her doctors. Although the insurance company did not overturn their decision based on that appeal, Fields Disability was able to proceed forward with a lawsuit against the insurer because we were confident with the evidence in the file. In the end, the insurance company was willing to pay our client a substantial amount of money to settle the claim, rather than submitting the issues to a judge. ”