“A self-publishing author and employee of a California bookstore was only a few years away from retirement when she applied for and was granted long-term disability benefits from her private insurer. Then, in a two week time period, her husband died, she was evacuated from her home during a forest fire, and she developed complications with her auto-immune disease.

Completely distraught and grieving the loss of her partner, she was shocked when the insurer began harassing her with phone calls and threatening to discontinue her benefits. After reducing her payments by almost 70%, the insurance company abruptly cut off her benefit payments, claiming that the woman had failed to provide minor earnings information about several books she had written.

She felt like she couldn’t take the stress anymore, and just wanted to give up. Fortunately, she found Fields Disability while searching the internet, and gave us a call. She spoke with an attorney right away, and was relieved when we promised to fight the abusive insurer.

First and foremost, our attorneys put an immediate stop to the ionsurance company’s harassment, and provided the income information they claimed to be missing. We then demanded reinstatement of our client’s benefits, arguing that her income from the book sales was not covered under the disability policy and therefore could not be defined as active employment.

The insurer soon replied with a letter reinstating our client’s long-term disability benefits with back pay. However, our client wanted to get a lump sum settlement of her benefits, so she wouldn’t have to worry about being cut off again in the future.

The Fields Disability team worked diligently and quickly secured a full settlement of our client’s benefits claim. She soon received a large check in the mail, three times what she thought she would get! She was able to cash it knowing she would be financially secure and protected from any further harassment. ”