“A 51-year-old Benefits Analysis who worked for a large hospital suffered from a debilitating spinal condition, which radiated into her legs. She loved her job and, in particular, the patients that she worked with. She took great satisfaction in finding ways for hospital patients to pay for their much-needed medical treatment.

Unfortunately, she developed severe low back pain that radiated down to her legs, and made standing and sitting for extended periods of time near impossible. She began seeing a neurologist, who at first administered injections and, later, because of the severity of the condition, performed surgery. Unfortunately, the operation did not diminish the pain and eventually she had to notify the hospital she could not return to work. She filed for disability benefits which were granted temporarily, but later denied based on a simple records review by the insurance carrier.

She immediately hired Fields Disability to review her case. Our attorneys took on the case and assembled medical records and supportive reports and filed an appeal which persuaded the disability carrier to overturn its denial. The payments were reinstated and this client is overjoyed at receiving much in the much-needed payments to pay for her and her family’s needs.”