“A retail pharmacist from Massachusetts began having severe back and hip pain. Her doctor diagnosed her with bulging discs in her back that were radiating pain to her hip. She was approved for long-term disability benefits through her employer. The insurance company periodically asked for documentation of her treatment, and after receiving benefits for a year, her insurer said she could return to work. She sent in a written appeal, but the insurance company would not change its mind.

Upset with her insurer, and worried about her lost income, she contacted Fields Disability for assistance. The attorneys at Fields Disability obtained the entire claim file from the insurance company and all of our client’s medical records to compile all of the evidence. Our attorneys sent the insurer a strong appeal which referenced key records that were previously overlooked. The insurance company reversed their decision. Our client received a lump-sum check for back-pay and receives a monthly check to offset her lost income. She is pleased with the professional representation from Fields Disability and is relieved to have her monthly income restored.”