” A Connecticut man had spent years serving his country in the National Guard and Peace Corps before working his way up to become the Director of Cyber Security at an investment firm. Unfortunately, he had developed several serious health conditions during his prior adventures, including chronic migraines and fatigue, type 2 diabetes, PTSD, and severe spine and joint pain. The man also had recently contracted Lyme’s disease, and was forced to undergo extensive medical care before he was able to return to work. Around the same time, the man was also forced to undergo surgeries to repair his spine and knee. Possibly because of his ongoing conditions, his employer heartlessly laid him off in 2016.

The man knew he was in serious financial risk because of his conditions. He needed to apply for benefits, but wanted to make sure his applications would be successful. Thankfully, he heard that Fields Disability had the best team of attorneys who specialized in fighting for disability benefits. He called our office, and was able to speak with an attorney about his case right away. The Fields team got to work on his application, coordinating with his numerous physicians and specialists to gather the perfect medical opinions. With our help, he was granted Social Security benefits within the year.

The Fields team also filed for Long and Short Term Disability benefits from his employer’s insurance company, The Standard. However, as insurers often do, they unfairly denied both his LTD and STD applications. The Standard based their decision on an unfounded claim that our client was capable of performing the material duties of his occupation.

Our attorneys struck back with strongly worded appeals asserting that The Standard had failed to properly consider the combined effects of our client’s impairments, and chastising them for neglecting to conduct an independent review of his medical records. Bending under our legal arguments, The Standard soon reinstated our client’s STD benefits, including back pay. They also agreed to grant our client LTD benefits, and he began receiving checks in the mail within days of the decision. ”