“Our client was a Logistics Specialist from Colorado. She suffered from Multiple Sclerosis; bulging discs with nerve root impingement in her spine; and chronic pain. Originally, she was taken off of work by her medical providers and applied for benefits through her plan with Cigna. Cigna approved the claim and paid benefits for 24 months. However, when the definition of disability changed to “any occupation” under the relevant policy, Cigna discontinued benefits asserting there were occupations she was capable of performing in the national economy.

After attempting to fight this denial on her own without success, our client reached out to Fields Disability for help. Her attorney built an appeal establishing that not only had her conditions not improved, they had actually worsened over the course of time benefits had been paid. Additionally, the appeal established Cigna failed to properly evaluate our client’s ongoing entitlement to benefits; and had selectively cited, misstated, and ignored relevant evidence in the file.

After reviewing our appeal Cigna reversed its decision, paid our client her back pay, and recommenced monthly disability payments. ”