“A 51-year-old gentleman, who worked as a Global Salesperson for a large, multinational business, suffered a traumatic brain injury. His job required him to reason, analyze and articulate highly complex sales concepts too potential buyers, which despite his earnest effort, he could no longer do.

He attempted to work for several months, but when he began to slur his words and forget his most important sales pitches, he saw his doctor. Neurocognitive tests were done and demonstrated that he suffered from cognitive impairment and his doctors advised him that his condition was irreversible. Thereafter, he applied for disability benefits which, despite the clear findings of cognitive decline, the disability carrier denied.

He then hired Fields Law Disability and its staff quickly moved to obtain all records as well as supportive reports from the treating doctors. An appeal was files, and the denial was reversed in light of the substantial evidence that had been presented. ”