“An equipment operator from Pennsylvania suffered from arthritis, lower back pain, coronary artery disease and atrial fibrillation. His symptoms were severe and he was forced to stop working. He received long-term disability benefits through Prudential for two years until Prudential suddenly stopped paying his benefits, insisting that he was able to work again.

Shocked and confused by the sudden loss of benefits, he contacted Fields Disability for help with an appeal. Fields Disability attorneys contacted Prudential for all of their records, and contacted our client’s doctors for additional records. Our client had a very short timeline to get his appeal in. Our attorneys were able to meet every deadline even though Prudential refused to extend a single date. The appeal was submitted on-time, and Prudential granted our client ongoing long-term disability benefits and a lump-sum check for back-pay. He was overjoyed at the result, and was happy to have this crucial source of income back.”