“A 62 year old manager at a retail store became disabled after developing degenerative disc disease in the lumbar region in her spine. Her capacity for lifting, staying on her feet, and even doing routine paperwork was significantly impaired. She applied for disability benefits through Prudential, and received benefits for about two years. However, Prudential decided the woman’s conditions were not severe enough to rule out working at a sitting or sedentary-type job. The woman was shocked because she couldn’t even sit for a half hour without severe back pain.

The woman hired Fields Disability to file an appeal on her behalf. We collected medical records and narrative reports to show a complete and holistic view of the claimant’s conditions, restrictions, and limitations. After a brief review, Prudential reversed its decision to deny benefits and started paying the woman’s claim. She was very pleased with the final result and vowed that Fields Disability would be the first call if Prudential ever tried to take her benefits away again.”