“A man from Nevada worked as a sales representative for a vacation company. He suffered from pulmonary embolism which disabled him from any work. In addition to the pulmonary embolism, he also suffered from chronic fatigue and chronic pain. His long-term disability insurer initially accepted his claim. After paying benefits for two years, they denied his claim. They asserted that the client had the functional capacity to work a sedentary job.

Frustrated and not sure how to fight the insurance company, he found the attorneys at Fields Disability. His attorney at Fields reviewed all of the records the insurance company had and began getting updated records to provide. During the appeal process, our client was approved for Social Security Disability which created a large overpayment claim. With the remaining exposure on the claim smaller than the overpayment, his attorney worked with the insurance company to have the overpayment waived. Our client was elated that he would not have to pay back all of that money to the insurance company and was even more relieved to be done with the insurer. ”