“An Administrative Manager was forced to leave work when she suffered a traumatic brain injury with post-concussion syndrome. Her symptoms resulted in ophthalmological issues, migraines, depression, and anxiety. She applied to Cigna for long-term disability benefits, which were denied from the outset.

The woman hired Fields Disability to file an appeal with the insurance company. Cigna failed to handle the appeal fairly and denied the woman’s benefits relying on a doctor report that stated the woman could perform her job as an administrative manager if she limited her computer use to 30 minutes at a time with 15-30 minute breaks. Our attorneys hired a vocational consultant to state there was no chance the woman could perform her job if she was limited to such short periods of computer use. On the second appeal, Cigna acknowledged the tremendous error and approved the woman’s benefits. She was grateful to her attorneys for continuing to fight on her behalf, even after the first appeal denial.”