“A sales executive from Texas suffered from severe depression and anxiety. His condition prevented him from performing his job. His insuerer, The Hartford, initially approved his claim for long-term disability benefits. Roughly six months later, The Hartford denied the claim. They asserted that the available information in his file did not show that he was unable to perform his occupation.

Clearly unable to work and unable to fight the insurance company, he reached out to Fields Disability. His attorney at Fields Disability began by reviewing insurance company’s file. After completing his review, his attorney developed a plan to fight the denial. He updated medical records and had the client undergo a neuropsychological evaluation. With the updated records and results of the neuropsychological evaluation, he then drafted a winning appeal. The insurance company reversed their decision and reinstated the client’s monthly benefits and paid all the past-due benefits. The client was so thankful to get his benefits back and relieved that he would no longer have to worry about finding income to support his family.”