“As an experienced cardiac sonographer, our client loved her career and intended to stay with her employer until she retired. Unfortunately, she progressively developed difficulty with cognition, weakness and maintaining balance while walking and standing. Initially, she assumed the symptoms would go way, but when they didn’t, she became more feel fearful for her patients and the doctors for whom she worked. Her doctor eventually diagnosed multiple sclerosis. As the symptoms worsened, she was left with no choice but to file a claim for long-term disability. At first, her insurer granted disability payments, but after a medical review the insurance company reversed its decision and denied benefits.

Frightened at the prospect of having no income to pay her bills, she hired Fields Disability. Fields Disability attorneys reached out to her medical providers for supporting medical records and reports documenting objective signs of multiple sclerosis. When the insurer refused to reverse its decision, our attorneys filed a lawsuit and were able to achieve a more than reasonable settlement offer for our client. Though she would prefer to be in a hospital helping others with heart difficulties, she is happy that she has the financial ability to pay her bills and live her life.”