“A quality control inspector at a metal shop in Louisiana began having serious back pain in 2016. He had an MRI and his doctor discovered multiple bulging disks in his back, likely due to a degenerative disk disorder. He experienced severe pain radiating down his right leg, and was unable to walk a few feet without pain. He was forced to quit work and applied for long-term disability benefits through Mutual of Omaha, but was denied. The insurance company determined that his job was “light duty” and that he was still capable of performing his job responsibilities.

Shocked with the decision and frightened by his sudden lack of income, he contacted Fields Disability for help with his appeal. The lawyers at Fields Disability closely examined our client’s medical record and found that Mutual of Omaha disregarded a key report. One doctor stated that the employee “should be considered disabled from his own occupation” right in his medical report and Mutual of Omaha did not consider this statement in its analysis. After compiling additional treatment records, our attorneys filed the appeal.

The insurance company agreed that there was an error in their original decision and granted our client back-pay and continued benefits. Our client was happy to have the means to continue treatment and relieved to be done fighting against the insurance company. ”