“A 50 year old male who, prior to his disability, worked as a Warehouse Worker with Amazon in Phoenix. As part of his occupation, he had to repeatedly lift, reach, bend, and climb stairs, as well as stand with his arms stretched for eleven hour shifts.

Over a three month period, he developed significant pain in his lower abdominal area, which became so excruciating over time that he had to apply for disability benefits which, unfortunately, was denied. While having to deal with the disability insurance carrier, he underwent a surgery to rectify an umbilical hernia, which forced him to stay in bed convalescing for months on end.

Eventually, he sought out the assistance of Fields Disability. Attorney Merrick Williams reviewed the file, assembled supportive medical records and reports and filed a memorandum of appeal demanding reversal of the disability carriers’ denial.

After a 45 day review of the appeal, the disability carrier reversed its denial and began making disability payments. While this clients condition is, fortunately, something that will eventually heal, he is extraordinarily grateful for the efforts of Fields Disability to ensure he is receiving disability payments while he is attempting to heal from his condition. ”