“A Public Relations Manager from Alabama had a flurry of medical issues shortly after her husband died in 2010. She had migraines causing visual impairment, a heart condition, back surgery and lymphedema. The symptoms from her conditions became worse over time, to the point that she had bouts of lost vision due to her computer monitors, and she could not sit for longer than an hour without a break.

Eventually, the numerous conditions became too much and she stopped working in 2014. She submitted an application for long-term disability benefits to Prudential and received long-term benefits for two years. In 2016, Prudential suddenly stopped paying benefits, stating that she was disabled from her current position, but that she could return to a desk job.

Shocked and confused by the letter because her position was a desk job, she called Fields Disability to assist with her appeal. The attorneys at Fields Disability compiled narratives from two of our client’s treating doctors, laying out a comprehensive timeline for benefits. Fields Disability attorneys scoured the medical records and found that Prudential had misrepresented an opinion from one treating doctor.

Our attorneys submitted the appeal and were able to obtain a temporary extension of benefits. Pleased with the extension, our client was able to continue treatment and compile additional records. We have submitted an additional strong appeal to Prudential and will continue to fight for continued benefits for our client.”