“After a delivery driver from North Carolina had spinal fusion surgery, he tried to return to work but the pain was too great. He exhausted his short-term disability benefits and applied for long-term benefits through Sedgwick. Despite a report from his doctor that his condition was worsening, Sedgwick denied his claim for long-term disability benefits.

Frustrated and scared that his income was in jeopardy, he contacted Fields Disability for help with an appeal. Fields attorneys compared doctors’ recommendations to our client’s job description. Our client’s doctors were recommending that he should not lift more than ten pounds, but his job description said he was required to lift more than fifty pounds regularly.

Additionally, Sedgwick ignored the doctor who advised that our client’s condition was worsening. Fields Disability attorneys compiled the medical evidence and submitted an appeal to Sedgwick. The insurance company ultimately overturned their decision and our client was enjoying his monthly long-term disability benefits. He was impressed with our attorneys’ professionalism and is working with them to submit an application for Social Security Disability benefits.”