“Our client who was a nurse was forced to stop working due to a variety of medical conditions including COPD, pneumonia, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, depression and anxiety.

She applied for long-term disability benefits. Unum accepted her claim and began paying benefits. However, for the first two years of benefits, the woman only had to show Unum that she was not capable of working in her job as a nurse. After the first two years of benefits, she had to show that she was not capable of returning to any gainful occupation. Unum used this “change in the definition of disability” as an opportunity to deny the woman’s ongoing benefits.

Unum discontinued her benefits and cited a listed of jobs that they felt she was capable of performing. The woman knew she did not have the physical capacity to perform any of the jobs. Moreover, she lacked the necessary education, experience, and skills.

She turned to Fields Disability for help. The attorneys at Fields Disability took a weight off the woman’s shoulders by handling the entire appeal process. We worked with our client’s doctors to refute Unum’s assertions that she could return to work in various jobs. We gathered medical records and drafted legal arguments in support of our client’s claim for benefits.

After reviewing the information that Fields Disability submitted in support of her appeal, Unum was forced to overturn their denial of benefits, paid her back pay and reinstated her disability benefits. ”