“A Massachusetts woman worked as a Support Service Technician for a very large technology company before being forced to leave work due to a high risk pregnancy. She subsequently developed further complications, and was diagnosed with panic disorder, anxiety, chronic migraines, pre-syncope, and a separated pelvis.

She applied for long-term disability benefits, but was denied by her insurer, Cigna. In their denial letter, Cigna claimed that her medical file did not support work restrictions from her date of disability through the delivery of her baby. Further, they wrote that the severity of her pelvic pain and symptoms was not enough to continuously support disability.

Feeling like she was running out of options, and not wanting to take the risk of appealing the decision herself, the woman sought out help from Fields Disability, and our team of attorneys got to work on her case. Our attorneys ordered a significant amount of medical records which the insurer claimed not to possess, worked with her own physicians to produce supportive narrative reports, and even had a functional capacity evaluation conducted. The Fields Disability lawyers then wrote the appeal, and submitted the lengthy document well before the insurer’s deadline. Faced with numerous exhibits and pointedly crafted arguments, Cigna had no choice but to reverse their decision. The woman soon got a check in the mail for back payments, and had her benefits reinstated. ”