“Our client worked as a mixer driver for a concrete company. Our client became disabled from doing this job due to chronic back and bilateral knee pain. His diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea also contributed to his disability. The insurance company initially paid our client long term disability benefits. However, the insurance company abruptly discontinued his benefits based on an Employability Assessment it conducted, which stated that our client was capable of performing gainful employment based on his lack of restrictions and limitations, as well as his education, transferrable skills, work history and residual capacity.

The disabled worker, confused and distraught about the insurance company’s actions, came to Fields Disability. Our team was able to spot critical errors made by the insurance company when it discontinued our client’s benefits. In preparing the Employability Assessment, the insurance company had based the analysis of his workability on a misleading report from a doctor. This doctor had released our client to work with no restrictions, but he only based his decision on the resolution of a temporary shoulder injury our client suffered from. The doctor did not consider our client’s disabling conditions, for which he was approved for benefits in the first place. the Fields Disability attorneys prepared a strong appeal exposing the insurance company’s mistakes, leaving the insurance company having no choice but to reverse its decision and reinstate our client’s long term disability benefits.”