“A military veteran originally ceased working as a Scheduling Specialist due to chronic low back pain, lumbar spine disc disease, and lumbar radiculopathy status post lumbar spinal surgery. Since the first reporting his disabilities, and his inability to work, to his employer and carrier, Liberty Mutual, this veteran endured a complicated and extensive medical history.

He exhausted his short-term disability benefits, and applied for long-term disability benefits, which was approved by Liberty Mutual; however, after receiving long-term disability benefits for a brief period of time, his claim was preemptively terminated by Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual terminated his long-term disability benefits by an impersonal letter alleging he did not meet the definition of “Disability” because they believed he was capable of performing the Material and Substantial Duties of a Scheduling Specialist. Upset with this termination, and sudden loss of income, this veteran contacted Fields Disability for help.

The attorneys at Fields Disability contacted all of his doctors, had favorable reports written on his behalf, and submitted an appeal to Liberty Mutual. After a brief period of time, Liberty Mutual had no other decision but to reverse its prior termination decision, and reinstated benefits immediately. Our client was extremely excited, and was happy with the quick turnaround from the staff at Fields Disability. ”