“Our client worked as a Layout Designer in Idaho. He suffered from severe depression, Bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, and chronic migraines. As his conditions worsened he was taken off work by his doctors and began receiving long-term disability benefits. Our client’s claim was administered by the Matrix Absence Management Company on behalf of Reliance Standard.

Unfortunately, after only two months of payments, Reliance Standard cut off his disability benefits. Reliance Standard relied upon two statements within our client’s medical records stating “he felt a bit better” combined with its own “medical record review” asserting our client could still work full-time to deny benefits. This occurred even though our client required ongoing and continuing hospitalizations and treatments for his conditions.

Our client immediately contacted Fields Disability for help fighting this decision. His attorney and the team at Fields Disability built the evidence necessary to win this appeal and respond to all of Reliance Standard’s errors. We documented the numerous points where Reliance Standard ignored, misstated, and selectively cited relevant evidence to its benefit and our client’s detriment. We reached out to our client’s numerous doctors to show their support in the form of narrative reports. After reviewing our appeal Reliance Standard reversed its decision, paid our client his back pay, and recommenced monthly benefit payments.”