“A New York woman had worked as a Registered Nurse for many years. As is common in the practice of nursing, the woman developed severe back pain, with radiation. She also developed Endometriosis, Interspatial Cystipis, Hyper Mobile Joints, anxiety, and depression. Upon her disablement, and after being forced to leave work, the woman applied for long-term disability benefits from her insurance carrier. The insurer denied her claim for benefits, and the woman appealed their decision herself. However, the insurer again denied her claim for benefits, claiming her medical information did not support functional limitations which would prevent her from performing her Own Occupation on a full-time basis.

The New Yorker knew she needed help fighting the insurance company, but she felt like she was running out of options. After researching all of the top disability law firms, she selected Fields Disability. She was immediately put into contact with our team of attorneys. After gathering some initial information from the client, our attorneys determined she was in a position to file a federal lawsuit against the insurer.

Our team of legal professionals petitioned the insurer for necessary information. The insurer returned reams of documents related to the client’s disability case, which our attorneys reviewed before filing the lawsuit. After several months of back and forth with the insurance company’s lawyers, the Fields team was able to secure a settlement in our client’s favor. The insurer agreed to pay a lump-sum amount, and our client soon received a settlement check in the mail. ”