“A business development manager for US Foods had back surgery. After surgery he developed radiating pain and was eventually diagnosed with Radiculopathy. He could not work due to his symptoms. Cigna approved his initial request for long-term disability benefits. Four months later, despite knowing that the manager was scheduled for an upcoming invasive surgery, Cigna terminated benefits. Cigna hired a physical therapist who determined that the manager could still work despite his symptoms.

Exasperated with the decision from Cigna, and worried about the upcoming expenses from surgery, he contacted Fields Disability to assist with his appeal. The attorneys worked with our client’s doctors to obtain all treatment records, and hired a vocational expert to report on how our client’s condition made returning to work impossible. As a result of the strong evidence submitted on appeal, our client received back-pay and had his benefits reinstated. He was happy that Fields Disability handled the appeal process quickly and his awarded benefits could help pay for his ongoing treatment.”