“A young man from Pennsylvania that, despite having endured significant trauma as a child, was able to secure a great job in the financial industry. Eventually, his past trauma caught up with him and his post-traumatic stress disorder became too much for him to maintain his work. His long-term disability insurer initially paid short-term disability but denied long-term disability benefits. They later denied the claim, arguing that the medical information did not show that he was disabled.

Not knowing what he was supposed to do, he found the attorneys at Fields Disability. His attorney at Fields drafted an appeal which questioned the insurance company’s rationale for denying the claim and provided additional medical support highlighting his significant mental health difficulties. On appeal, the insurance company upheld their decision to deny the claim. After being denied on appeal, his attorney reached out the insurance company and settled the claim without resorting to litigation. The client was very happy to know that he would be receiving a settlement rather than going forward with litigation. ”