“A cashier became disabled after undergoing a total knee replacement surgery and developing psoriatic arthritis. His symptoms kept him from sitting and standing for long periods of time. His arthritis severely affected his hands and resulted in an inability to gross and fine manipulate during work tasks. The insurance company initially approved him for benefits. When the definition of “”disabled”” changed under his policy, the insurer denied benefits claiming that he was able to perform sedentary jobs.

The man hired Fields Disability to fight the insurer’s wrongful denial. Fields Disability attorneys ordered medical records from the man’s treating providers. Upon reviewing the medical information, our attorneys secured a report from the man’s treating rheumatologist documenting his inability to sustain full-time work and use his hands for more than a few minutes. Our attorneys used that information to secure a favorable decision from the insurer. The man received a substantial backpay check and hired Fields Disability to negotiate a settlement so he never had to deal with them again.”