“A Line Worker for a telecommunications company in West Virginia was diagnosed with a host of medical conditions, including tachycardia, hypertension, and neuropathy which resulted in an inability to perform work in any competitive setting. Although the insurance company properly paid benefits for nearly 24 months, it denied benefits and claimed the man could perform the extremely heavy duties of his job as a line-worker despite his cardiovascular conditions and neuropathy. The insurer also gave no weight to the fact that the Social Security Administration found claimant completely and totally disabled.

The man hired Fields Disability to file his case in federal court. Our attorneys argued that even if the man wasn’t totally disabled, the most insignificant physical limitation from his conditions would rule out his ability to work as a line worker. After several months of negotiations where we were able to increase teh insurer’s “top offer” a number of times, we successfully negotiated a settlement with the insurance company that allowed the man to supplement his Social Security Disability income and care for his two young children.”