“An Iowa woman worked as a telephone account representative for a premiere online digital marketing company. She was forced to stop working due to severe anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal issues, and a cognitive disorder she had developed. Concerned about her future, she applied for long-term disability benefits.

The insurance company denied her application for benefits, claiming that the woman had not been disabled during her long-term disability policy’s elimination period. She tried appealing the insurer’s decision with the help of a local attorney, but failed to persuade the insurer to change their decision. She had soon filed all of the appeals she was allowed to and had nowhere to turn.

Out of options, the woman approached Fields Disability, and spoke to an attorney about her claim. We took on her case, and immediately filed a lawsuit against the insurance company arguing that their denials had been arbitrary, capricious, unreasonable, irrational, wrongful, and contrary to both the law and the terms of her insurance plan. Our attorneys fought back and forth with the insurance company, and ultimately secured a settlement for our client. ”