“Our client was an Electrical Technician from Virginia who suffered from Glioblastoma. He developed symptoms overt ime and after it was diagnosed he was removed from work by his treating doctors. Our client then applied for long-term disability benefits through his employer’s plan with Voya administered by ReliaStar. Regrettably, the insurer denied our client’s claim for benefits asserting that treatment our client received prior to applying for benefits barred his claim as “pre-existing.”

Our client reached out to Fields Disability for help fighting this denial. Our attorneys examined all of our client’s medical records and all of the documentation utilized by the insurer in denying benefits. Next, our team drafted an appeal outlining that the pre-existing condition limitation did not apply to this case based upon the objective evidence contained within the file and the opinions of the treating doctors.

Unfortunately, prior to submitting this claim, our client passed away from his debilitating Glioblastoma. Our attorneys submitted the appeal and argued that claimant’s family was entitled to the Survivor Benefit available under the relevant Policy in addition to our client’s back pay for wrongly denying this claim. After receiving and reviewing our appeal, the insurer paid our client’s family his back pay and the Survivor Benefit.”