“A production line worker at a large car manufacturing company became disabled when he suffered a stroke. After he recovered from the stroke, he still had severe deficits that limited his ability to stand, walk, and perform his daily routine. The man was also required to take blood pressure medication that almost completely incapacitated him.

While Cigna agreed the man was not able to return to work on the production lines, they denied benefits when the definition of disability changed to include other occupations. Cigna stated the man could perform sedentary work on a full-time basis. The man appealed the initial denial on his own, but the decision was upheld.

The man hired Fields Disability to assist with a second appeal. Our attorneys closely examined the claim file and denial letters and found that Cigna’s doctors failed to consider the effects of the blood pressure medication on the man’s ability to work. After updating medical records, the appeal was submitted arguing Cigna needed to consider the totality of the claimant’s condition including side-effects of prescribed drugs. On review, Cigna agreed and reinstated the man’s claim.”