“A teller at a bank came to us after the insurance company denied her disability benefits. She was distressed because she suffered from advanced degenerative disc disease, cervical radiculopathy, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain and simply could not do her job. She was dealing with ongoing pain in her back, arms and legs that diminished her quality of life and made it impossible for her stand for long hours at work. The insurance company claimed that there was not enough evidence to support her disability and denied her.

The woman called Fields Disability to represent her in appealing the insurance company’s denial. We worked with her doctors to obtain objective evidence of the impairments that make her unable to perform her own occupation. The doctor provided us with information concerning our client’s functional restrictions and limitations, which allowed us to directly attack the insurance company’s assertion that was able to do her job.

After thorough analysis of the law and our client’s case, we drafted an appeal that exposed the insurance company’s improper and deficient review of our client’s limitations. Our appeal was successful and our client now receives the benefits to which she is entitled. She was very relieved that our team was able to fight the insurance company to pay her benefits without having to file a lawsuit.”