“A woman from New Jersey had a great job as a payroll supervisor at a company in New Jersey until she deleveloped renal failure, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, hypertension, and depression. Her condition required a hospital stay during which she developed respiratory failure and had to be kept alive by a ventilator. In addition, she required dialysis. Her condition later recovered and she was transferred to a rehab facility. Clearly, she could no longer work. Reliance Standard, her long-term disability insurer initially accepted her claim and paid benefits. The insurer later denied her claim stating that she had recovered enough to perform the duties of any occupation.

Not knowing how to fight the insurance company, she reached out to Fields Disability. Her attorney at Fields Disability began updating the client’s medical records to provide the full scope of the client’s condition. Once the records were compiled, he drafted a winning appeal which led the insurance company to overturn their denial and reinstate her benefits. The client felt a huge sense of relief knowing that she had gotten her benefits back.”