“A nurse became disabled after developing severe nerve pain resulting from multilevel disc herniation and a failed cervical fusion. It affected her ability to help her patients and she left work permanently because she could no longer provide the requisite level of care. The insurance company sporadically paid benefits, occasionally cutting the woman off pending updated medical records. However, the insurer sent the woman a letter informing her she could perform a full array of sedentary work. The woman was alarmed, because all of her doctors agreed that she was completely disabled and unable to return to any work. She had no idea where the notion that she could return to work came from.

Fields Disability filed an appeal on the woman’s behalf. We closely examined the information the insurer used to deny the woman’s claim. We determined that it failed to properly examine the medical records from the woman’s orthopedic doctor. We secured a medical source statement from the orthopedic doctor and a narrative report from a consulting physician. After submitting the reports with the appeal, the insurer quickly overturned its decision to deny benefits and reinstated the woman’s claim. The woman was thrilled with the decision and was thankful for Field’s help.”