“A Massachusetts woman worked as a day care teacher at a Montessori School for many years until she began feeling stiffness and pain in her hands, feet, and lower back. Her doctors diagnosed her with neuropathy and lumbar disc disorder. The Social Security Administration found her to be disabled, and she was granted long-term disability benefits by the insurer Assurant that same year. Two years later, Assurant abruptly cut off her income, claiming that she was capable of working a full 40 hour week.

The woman sought out the attorneys at Fields Disability to help her appeal the insurance company’s decision. Our attorneys filed an appeal with Assurant arguing that the insurer failed to provide a specific reason for our client’s denial, and demonstrating that the medical record supported her claim. In response, the insurer ordered an outside physicians report. However, the physician ended up refuting Assurant’s own “”independent”” medical exam and recommending work restrictions for our client. Faced with no options, the insurer granted our appeal. Our client had her benefits restored, including back pay, providing her the security she needed to accommodate her conditions. ”