“A Mechanical Designer from Wisconsin was exposed to some toxic fumes at work. Over the next several weeks he began experiencing severe bouts of dizziness and loss of balance. His doctors said there may have been cyanide in the fumes. The symptoms forced him to stop working. He applied for long-term disability benefits with Cigna and provided medical records from his treating physicians. Much to his dismay, Cigna denied the claim, saying that he did not fit their definition of “disabled.”

Upset at his loss of income, he contacted Fields Disability for help. Fields attorneys started by gathering additional medical records from our client’s doctors, and obtaining the claim file from Cigna. Fields Disability attorneys sent a strong appeal to Cigna, arguing that they made a mistake in denying benefits for our client. Cigna acknowledged their error and granted a lump-sum payment for back-pay! Our client is now back to work and pleased that he can pay for his medical expenses.”