“A hospital technician for a large healthcare provider suffered from chronic cervical spine and neck pain that radiated down her arms into her fingers, causing tingling and numbness. The insurance company discontinued her benefits alleging that she no longer met the definition of disability under her policy and was not entitled to benefits. The insurance company based its decision to discontinue benefits on a report from an Independent Medical Examination. The technician came to Fields Disability to challenge the insurance company’s decision.

Our team gathered evidence to show that our client continued to meet the definition of disability and her condition had not improved since she was originally awarded benefits. The Independent Medical Examination report that the insurance company relied on misstated, ignored, and selectively cited the substantial medical evidence in the file that supported our client’s disability. We argued that the insurance company had actually breached its fiduciary duty to our client in denying her benefits. Our team eventually filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of our client. We successfully settled the case for an amount that put our client at ease, knowing that she would have financial security despite her disabling condition.”