“A Maryland man had worked as a Technical Operator for a power company for many years. His job involved climbing up and down scaffolding, working on large and complicated machinery, and significant amounts of walking. Unfortunately, he suffered a stroke and began experiencing numbness and tingling in his lower extremities. He eventually was diagnosed with Drop Foot, or total foot numbness. No longer able to climb or walk for any appreciable distance, the man was forced to stop working.

The man applied for benefits from his long-term disability carrier, MetLife, and was initially approved. When the man was released to light-duty work by his physician, his employer couldn’t accommodate his ongoing restrictions and the man remained disabled. On these grounds, MetLife terminated the man’s benefits, claiming his medical records did not support further functional limitations. He tried appealing the insurer’s decision on his own, but they denied his motion. The man remained employed by the power company, but was not allowed to return to work. He felt like he had run out of options.

Knowing he needed help, the man turned to Fields Disability. Our team of attorneys and legal professionals got to work on his case right away. Our paralegals acquired pertinent medical records which the insurer claimed not to have, and our attorneys gathered supporting expert opinion from the man’s medical team. Fields Disability made several arguments in the appeal, supported by detailed exhibits. The appeal was submitted well before the insurer’s deadline and the insurer soon overturned their prior decision. The man received substantial check for his back benefits, and MetLife reinstated the man’s ongoing benefits.”